title:Nanking Massacre – Memory of 75 Years
name:Kohtaro Miyata (freelance)


Xia Shu-qin.Her grandparents, parents and two older sisters were killed, and her mother and sisters were gang-raped by Japanese soldiers. Only she and her younger sister survived.


Cheng Wang-shi. Her father and older brother were killed, and her pregnant mother was injured with a bullet shot by a Japanese soldier. After her mother gave birth, both she and the baby died.


Chou Xiu-ying. A Japanese soldier shot her mother and she died in the flames which were lit by them. She escaped from the sweeping of a machine gun that was fired by Japanese soldiers.


Wu Zheng-xi. His father and uncles were taken by Japanese soldiers and his grandfather was stabbed to death. He saved a woman and was stabbed in the buttocks.


Pan Qiao-Ying. Her father and cousin were killed and her mother, with reluctance and remorse, had to drown her younger sister.


Chang Zhi-qiang. His parents and 4 younger brothers were killed. His sister was raped by a Japanese soldier and died two years after the assault. Only he survived.


Li Gao-shan. He surrendered to the Japanese military, and was about to be shot by a machine gun but survived. He was found out by the military after escaping but survived from the threat again.


Zhang Xiu-hong. She was hiding in the sandbank of Yangtze River with 50 to 60 women. Later they were found out and were shot by machine guns.


Chen Gui-xiang. Her grandmother was shot to death by a Japanese soldier. She was also shot when she was trying to escape, but was fortunate to survive.


Zhang Guo-dong. A Japanese soldier shot him and his father when they were fallen down. The bullet wound still remains on his leg. He passed away on October 12, 2012.


Xue Yu-juan. A Japanese soldier suddenly stabbed her under her neck with a bayonet. The wound of the still remains on her neck. She survived by pretending to be dead.


Luo Zhong-yang. Zhong-yang once surrendered to the Japanese military, but later escaped when the military tried to kill him. He saw many dead bodies with their hands tied to their backs.


Chen De-shou. His grandmother resisted a Japanese soldier who tried to rape her and was killed. He discovered the body of his father who was stabbed in the throat.


Zhang Hui-xia. His father and uncle were taken by the Japanese military. His mother became insane and passed away 5 to 6 years later.


Yang Cui-ying. Her grandfather, father and uncles were killed. Her younger brother starved to death, not long after birth. Her mother grieved over her child’s death every day and became blind.