Europe Refugees
photo by Sergey Ponomarev

Migrants arrive by Turkish cruise boat near village of Skala, Lesbos island Greece, Monday November, 16, 2015. The Turkish boat owner delivered some 150 persons to the Greek coast and tried to escape back to Turkey, he was arrested later in Turkish waters.

Migrants stand near the rudimentary map of Europe that is pictured on the wall of a migrant shelter by the Moria processing centre on Lesbos island Greece, Thursday November, 19, 2015.

Refugees wait in line for documents at the refugee processing centre in Presevo, Serbia, Thursday August, 27, 2015.

Refugees walk along the rail tracks towards the border with Hungary outside Horgos, Serbia, Thursday September, 10, 2015.

A man tries to save his kid from the police beatings and tear gas at the border crossing in Horgos, Serbia, Wednesday September, 16, 2015.

Police on horses escort hundreds of migrants after they crossed from Croatia in Dobova, Slovenia, Tuesday October, 20, 2015.

Migrants walk past the temple as they are escorted by Slovenian riot police to the registration camp outside Dobova, Slovenia, Thursday October, 22, 2015.

Refugees board the train towards Zagreb at Tovarnik station on the border with Serbia, Croatia, Friday September, 18, 2015.