Kobani Siege
photo by Ismail Ferdous (Corbis)

A Kurdish man watching intensified fighting over the border in Kobani, Syria, between Syrian Kurds and the militants of Islamic State group.


A group of Kobani refugees crossing the border from Syria to Turkey.


A Kobai man carrying his old mother while crossing the Syrian-Turkish border.


A kobani mother runs to save her baby from the storm while crossing the border of Syria-Turkey.


Syrian Kurds take cover from the rain in the southeastern town of Suruc in the Sanliurfa province after crossing the border between Syria and Turkey after mortars hit both sides


The boy was taken to the makeshift medical centre to get first aid since he was injured while crossing the border.


A boy tired after a long walk from kobani (Syria) to Yumurtalik (Turkey).


kobani refugees having launch at a makeshift camp near the Syrian border.


Syrian refugees (Kobanis) at the camp in Suruc- Rounaq was using her computer with her friend Anari and other in the bathroom, they have limited power resources. She came 29sep from kobani 15 years.


Kurdish volunteer and fighters cooking and singing kurdish song in the evening at the village of Syrian border.


Two kurdish women at the syrian-turkish border watching the shelling in Kobani. One of them praying to stop the fight.