KoodanKulam: A Nuclear Plant in my backyard
photo by Amirtharaj Stephen(Freelance)


Indian government’s Coast guard aero plane was flown too low over the protesting villagers who ventured into the sea as a part of their Jal Sathyagraha.


A view of the Idinthakarai village which is the nerve center of the non violent protests. The village with over 12000 people is located at a distance of less than 2kms from the nuclear power plant.


Fishermen bringing their catch to the village auction center on a Theripu day. “Theripu” meaning tax is being collected from the villagers from their catch to run the protests. One tenth of a single day revenue is collected every week.


Villagers from the Koothankuli, prevented from going to Idinthakarai by the imposition of a curfew, gather in front of the church and shout anti-government slogans.


Fishermen lay siege to Tuticorin Port and block passage of ships to protest the attack on villagers in Koodankulam by police forces.


Children from Idinthakarai with the post cards they have written to the Russian Ambassador requesting Russia to stop providing technical support to the nuclear project on Hiroshima Day, 2012


Police forces assemble in front of the KNPP before going on rounds in Koodankulam village after the imposition of a curfew. (May 10, 2012)


Thousands of villagers sleep on the seashore with their kids near Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant protesting against the commissioning of the plant. September 09, 2012.


Napolean, a resident of Idinthakarai, runs after being attacked by the police. September 10, 2012


Xavieramma, a resident of Idinthakarai, cries out for help after being chased into the sea with no place to run. She was later helped and arrested by the security forces. She has been charged with 16 cases including serious charges like sedition and waging war against the nation.


Women weep and pray to Mother Mary at the Lourdes church after the police attacked villagers during the siege. September 11, 2012.


Children of Sahayam cry during his funeral mass. He fell off a boulder he was standing on inside the waters due to fear when the coast guard aeroplane flew very low and was killed by the impact. September 17, 2012.


Villagers cry and pray during a cleansing ceremony which was performed after police forces allegedly broke the idols of Mother Mary in the Lourdes church on September 15, 2012.


Villagers take a holy procession around the Koothankuli village praying for the closure of the Koodankulam nuclear power plant. Most people from the region are devout Roman Catholics.