CONDEMNED, Mental Health in African Countries in Crisis
photo by Robin Hammond(Panos Pictures)


This Government run facility is meant to be a Psychiatric hospital. In reality it is a merely a place of incarceration for people with mental disability. Eket, Nigeria


This Rehabilitation facility denied that they house children, the photographer found, a mentally impaired child on the floor in the room for the “high risk” male inmates. Port Harcourt, Nigeria


Native Doctor Lekwe Deezia claims to heal mental illness through the power of prayer and traditional herbal medicines. Patients are chained to trees in his courtyard, while receive “treatment” Niger Delta, Nigeria.


Christ’s Universal Spiritual Hospital claims, through the power of prayer, to be able to heal mental illness. Port Harcourt, Nigeria


Reverend Apostle S.B.Esanwi, claims to have cured hundreds of patients of mental illness. Many are chained throughout their time there. Niger Delta, Nigeria


Sierra Leone Psychiatric Hospital. Freetown, Sierra Leone.


This so called Rehabilitation facility holds over 170 people with mental illness or mental disability. Port Harcourt, Nigeria


Former child solider Mamie Denis, 33, suffers from depression “We use to kill people who we were not supposed to kill…”Monrovia, Liberia