title:Syria under Siege
name:Alessio Romenzi (Corbis)


Syria, Zabadani. Heavy shelling on the restive village of Zabadani. At night Al Assad army shot flares to localize Free Syrian Army positions on August 8,2012.


SYRIA -Al Qsair. A member of Free Syrian Army during an attack operation against Syrian Army in AI Qsair,on January 27,20 12. Al Qsair is a small town of 40000 inhabitants,located 25Km south-west of Homs.The town is besieged since the beginning of November and so far it Syria under counts 65 dead


SYRIA -Al Qsair. A child (c) mourning his father, who was kidnapped by shabiha (militias of the regime)during three days with other two men. He was tortured and they abandoned the bodies in a main street of Al Qsair,on February 14 2012


SYRIA, Aleppo Syrian rebel fighters help a wounded comrade during fighting with government troops in the old city of Aleppo on September 23,2012. Syrian rebels advanced on several fronts in their campaign to seize Aleppo,but without a significant breakthrough after hours Syria under of fierce fighting.


Displaced women and children seek shelter from shelling in a basement in Bab Amr. Feb. 7,2012


SYRIA -Al Qsair. A member of the Free Syrian Army takes cover from Al Assad Army snipers on the roof of the former police station in Al Qsair,on February 10,2012. After a one day battle the Free Syrian Army manage to take the building. In the battle, 11 member of the Syrian police have Lightbox Syria under been killed.


SYRIA,AL EPPO. Am an,allegedly Shabbiha (Regime civil militia),is shown by rebel forces after they arrested him on September 25,2012


SYRIA -Homs province: Five dead bodies of civilians killed by a mortar lie on a refrigerator used by the resistance as a morgue in Homs province, among them two children, on February 20,2012.


SYRIA,ALEPPO. A child who fell at home and knocked her head on the floor waits for a medical examination at Shifa hospital on September 27,20 12. The only emergency service still working in Rebels-controlled Aleppo,the Shifa hospital has been targeted more than thirty times by the Assad forces.


SYRIA,HOMS,Baba Amro: A Syrian boy hugs a seriously wounded man in a house used as hospital in Baba Amro,southern neighborhood of Homs on February 06,2012.


SYRIA -Homs province: One mother and her son cry the lost of the her other two sons,killed by a mortar attack launched by Al Assad forces,in Homs province on February 20 2012.


SYRIA,Syria-Turkey Border :Syrian refugees walk through barbwires as they attempt to cross the northwestern part of the Syrian border with neighboring Turkey, on April 14,2012,a year after a revolt against President Bashar al-Assad’s regime erupted.