In the Name of Religion
photo by Younes Mohammad

A view of a mosque in Sinjar city after a successful operation by Peshmerga and coalition forces.
Since Aug 2014 till Nov 2015this city was occupied by ISIS.
This strategic city placed on the main route between Mousel and Raqqa, number of remaining tunnels and booby traps discovered after freeing the city expresses the importance of this city. Those people who had no success over running from the city before the occupation by ISIS were captured tortured, raped and been traded in slave markets after the occupation. Sinjar, Mousel, Iraq

Kurdish Yezidi family after surviving from 8 days of being surrounded by ISIS and walking more than 35 kilometers in Syrian territories, just have been arrived to KRG border. People were welcoming refugees by distributing food and water.
More than 40000 of Kurdish Yezidis were surrounded by ISIS for 8 days of the hottest days of summer without water and food. Seliha, Dohuk, Syria and Iraq border.

Kamelia, Christian Old woman from Teleskof village is telling her story to NPF Christian forces. She was too old to leave the village when Daesh (ISIS) attacked the village and everyone left there but she stayed.
Teleskof is 30 kilometers a way from north of Mousel. An important target for ISIS because of the Christian population which Peshmerga forces free after 11 days of occupation.
But it is still abondoned because of being in firing range of the front line. Teleskof, Mousel, Iraq

A yezidi refugee in between other thousands of refugees in an unfinished construction field with his pillow, sleeps every night in a different place.
The huge number of refugees was unexpected so the KRG local government started to place them in schools, streets and even unfinished construction sites. Zakho, Dohuk, Iraq

Yezidi woman is living with her family in an unfinished structure of a building in Sharia city, Dohuk. She survived with her family from ISIS and ran to KRG.
During IS attacks on Sinjar and Yezidi minority villages around Sinjar in Aug 2014,They separated the men and women and children, mass murdered the men, used the women as sex slave and used under 12 year-old children as under age soldiers after brain washing them. Sharia, Dohuk, Iraq

Injured Pishmerga soldier was carried away.
While Pishmerga advances to Daghough south of Kirkuk, ISIS used IDEs to slow down their progress. Most of the casualties of Pishmerga had beed killed or injured by IDEs or other suicide bombings. Daghough, Kirkuk, Iraq

Some Kurdish Yezidi fighters after the liberation of Bapir Village are walking in destroyed holly places. ISIS destroyed whole Yezidi sacred places in its territories. ISIS calls Yezidis KAFIR (unbelievers) Infidel. Bapir Village, Mousel dam, Iraq

Some of PKK fighters are posing for foreigner photographers in misty day of winter. After IS attack in Aug 2014 to KRG of Iraq All Kurdish Fighters from Iran Turkey and Syria gathered to fight to resist against IS offences and they acted as support forces for Peshmerga in regions like Sinjar, Makhmour and Kirkuk. Daghough, Kirkuk, Iraq

Family members of martyr Hwzan Direk are mourning over his coffin at his funeral.
Hwzan and his other 7 fellow comrades of YPG forces had been killed by suicide attacking of ISIS Jihadists in frontline. Romilan, Al-Hassaka, Syria

A volunteer Yezidi Pishmerga is trying to call his family after the libration operation of Rabia in the city’s unfinished hospital building.
Rabia is near the official border of Iraq Syria and ISIS had control over this city for two months. And Pishmerga with the supports of a coalition librated the city. Liberating Rabia was the most important step before the liberation of Sinjar.
Rabiaa, Mousel, Iraq

Mother of martyr Hwzan Direk is mourning over her son’s coffin. Hwzan and his other 7 fellow comrades of YPG forces had been killed by the suicide attacks of ISIS Jihadis on the frontline. Romilan, Al-Hassaka, Syria

Christian boy hospitalized in Ras Al-Eyn after a suicide bombing in down town of Tel Tamar.
In Dec 10th two suicide bomber vehicles exploded in Tel Tamar in south of Al-Hassaka, while people were setting ready for Christmas and the new year. Explosions killed 26 people and injured more than 100 persons. Ras Al-Eyn Hospital, Al – Hassaka, Syria

Two Tel-Afarian suspects arrested by Peshmerga forces to send them back for further investigations over their identity and possible plans.
There are rumors over Tel-Afarian youth that they joined to ISIS and had been involved in mass murder and capturing of Yezidi people.Sinjar, Mousel, Iraq

Some families from Qabousiye village who succeeded to escape from ISIS teritories are handing over themselve to Pishmerga forces.
After liberating Sinjar more than 200 families from Qabosiye escape to KRG.Sinjar, Mousel, Iraq

A view of mountain road of Musel to Sinjar which is main exit road of city. During Aug 2014 ISIS mass murdered Yezidis who tried to run from Sinjar mountain the only available escape route.
We can see personal belongings of refugees remaining from that mass murder. Those who did not succeed to escape and arrested by ISIS were forced to convert to Islam or Pay Jaziya (a fine for none-Muslims) or captured as war prisoners. They divided the men and women, executed the men and captured the women as Sabiya.
There are still many Yezidi girls and women in ISIS hands as being used sex slaves. Sinjar, Mousel, Iraq