Living Waste
photo by Md. Akhlas Uddin (Pacific Press)

A girl back to home end of day with vegetable, she collected from waste land. The permanent Waste land under Sylhet city corporation. Lalmatia, Sylhet, Bangladesh.


A boy looking for any saleable materials at Close to the fire.


The people are working and searching saleable plastic household materials for their livelihood.


The women and men is pulled out valueless Waste after picked saleable materials.


A women pick show a saleable plastic pen. She pick recyclable household materials from waste land whole day and sell to local market.


The Children at fun to front of Camera with waste TV frame.


Some people work as day laborers under Sylhet city Corporation and they collecting sellable materials for extra income.


The women group are search and pick sellable household materials from scarcity-waste and sell the market for their livelihood.


Rafiqul Islam, One trucks medical waste purchase BDT 1000.From the truck driver of carrying the medical waste of Sylhet city. Then the whole day he and her wife, separated the recyclable item/materials.


A young boy picking waste helmet, he collecting sellable materials and sell the market for her livelihood.


Wife of Rafiqul Islam, separated medicine paper, box and medical materials. this medical waste they buying from truck drivers who employee under city corporation.


An women pulled out valueless Waste after picked saleable materials.


Collecting medical waste and ready to sell market.


A man is going to market for selling collected materials and another waste carrying trucks are entering.