title:Fukushima, the Nuclear Limbo
name:Pierpaolo Mittica (freelance)


Animal activist in search of abandoned pets, Odaka, Fukushima “No-Go Zone”. At the time of the evacuation all the animals were abandoned. During the night several animal activists enter illegally inside the Exclusion


Abandoned Cars parked by the tsunami, Odaka, Fukushima “No-Go Zone”


Abandoned train station Tatsuta, Naraha.


At the time of the evacuation the inhabitants fled from the radioactive cloud and must leave everything. Residents going back home to take their belongings, Tomioka, Fukushima “No-Go Zone”


Mutumi in her house in Namie, in the evacuated area. Mutumi falls into depression collecting their belongings. Namie was a town of 21 000 inhabitants.


Abandoned house devastated by the tsunami, Minamisoma, Fukushima “No-Go Zone”


Shortly after the evacuation of the exclusion zone thieves have begun stealing everything they could steal and sell on the black market, spreading radioactive objects throughout Japan. Abandoned market devastated by thieves, Futaba, Fukushima “No-Go Zone”


Mr. Matsumoto, a former member of the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia, is a sub-contractor of Tepco.


One of the attractions of this area were the swans arriving during the winter. Mikiko Kobayashi is an animal activist that is part of the “Animal Forest” NGO. She came often in the exclusion zone to try to save the last remaining animals still alive. Mikiko here is detecting the levels of radioactivity around the lake. Fukushima “No-Go Zone”.


Because of the radiation leak from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant the population fled in haste, leaving everything, including animals.


Warehouse devastated by the tsunami, Soma Port.


The port of Soma has suffered devastating damage from the tsunami, with the destruction of most of its structures and vessels.


Decontamination works, Odaka. Although levels of radioactive are always high some areas are reopened. Due to the reclassification of the government in these areas from dangerous areas to areas not more dangerous,the workers engaged in the decontamination have been significantly reduced salaries, and even worse measures security for workers have drastically gone.


Workers coming back from Fukushima nuclear power plant, J Village, Naraha.


Here in Minamisoma almost all the women and children,went away. The population is now more than halved.