Kurdish Fight for Existence
photo by Frederic Lafargue

Diyarbakir (Amed in Kurdish language), Turkey, in the Lelabey District of the Diyarbakir old City where inhabitants have self-declared independence in reaction to the Turkish goverment’s exactions, the Kurdish population celebrated the 31st anniversary of the creation of the military branch of PKK. Diyarbakir, Turkey

In the stronghold of PKK in iraqi Kurdistan, Ali Zagros, 21, (his nom de guerre) assigned to security task, enters a shelter dug in the rock by the Kurdish fighters, in the zone threaten by the ongoing offensive from Turkish air force. Quandil mountains, Iraq

YPJ Commander Medea Raqqa was giving orders as I.S.I.S starts firing at the Kurdish YPJ defensive position she commands on the eastern front first line

Kurdish peshmerga fighters wave Kurdish flags atop their military vehicle as they travelled from Iraq and head towards the besieged Syrian city of Kobani, to support the YPG resisting the I.S.I.S siege. SuruÇ, Turkey

A YPG gunner returns fire at I.S.I.S gunmen which are attacking the Kurdish position of the eastern front’s first line. Kobani, Syria

On Nov. 29 in the early morning Daesh has conducted an attack on the Murtsipinar border crossing of Kobani, trying to breach into the city, using a suicide armored personnel carrier (BRDM) they’ve drove from the Turkish side. Taslim Gemo a YPG Kurdish fighters resisted the assault loosing eight comrades but dislodging the attackers from the position they’ve tried to create inside a Turkish wheat storage. On the site of the suicide BRDM attack, Taslim Gemo enjoys a cigarette. Taslim has unfortunately been killed in August 2015 as he was defusing explosives planted by ISIS in a village from the Kobani canton. Kobani, Syria

A YPG fighter holding the Kurdish unit flag stands on the customized into a armor personnel carrier Oshkosh MTVR truck captured to I.S.I.S that YPG commander of a team of 40, Egit Botan commands for the counter offensive against the Islamists. Kobani, Syria

Halenj village, south east of Kobani, on the road heading to the ongoing counter offensive, a YPG fighter is watching the corpses of ISIS gunmen killed while retreating from Kobani. The islamists have been shot by snipers while they where running away from YPG advancing troops, their shoes and equipment have been seized and copies of the Quran in French and Turkish have been found on two of the eight corpses in a row. Kobani, Syria

In the western city section, a Kurdish woman having endured the last five month siege gestures victory. Kobani, Syria

The most advanced position on the front with ISIS, held by the kurdish forces of YPG/YPJ (male and female units). Hassaka has been retaken to ISIS since July 28 2015 and the islamist fighters are positioned in the nearby villages of the south and the East of the city. In a electrical transformation compound, the kurdish forces are holding guard and organizing defenses to prevent a ISIS counter offensive. A YPJ fighter on a watch tower of the west flank of the compound held by the kurds. Hassaka, Syria

In the Sur district, Diyarbakir, kurdish militants linked to PKK have build stones and sand bag barricades, set up curtains to prevent aerial detection and stand guard in the old city neighborhood since Turkish military launched an operation on November 3 against the kurdish city of Silvan in the Diyarbakir province. Diyarbakir, Turkey

A suspected I.S.I.S member has been captured by the Peshmerga Zeravani commandos as he was trying to infiltrate the kurdish lines amongst population fleeing the ISIS controlled zone towards the newly liberated Sinjar’s area. Sinjar, Iraq

Explosive experts from the peshmerga Zeravani commandos unit are defusing elements of a 1 ton bomb planted by I.S.I.S under the North Sinjar main road, after the city has been cleared from I.S presence by the kurdish fighters.Sinjar, Iraq

A suspected ISIS member is evacuated for interrogation after having been captured by the Peshmerga Zeravani commandos as he was trying to infiltrate the kurdish lines amongst population fleeing the ISIS controlled zone for the newly liberated Sinjar’s area. Sinjar, Iraq

A man stands in a street of the liberated power shorted city. Kobani, Syria