title:Northwest Passage
name:Stefano De Luigi (VII)


Greenland,July 2012.
A view of a village on the coast of Greenland on the flight Godhavn- Upernavik.


Greenland,July 2012.
Best Explorer anchored in Safup Akia island, before the Greenland-Canada passage.


Greenland,July 2012.
After heading north of Upernavik,Best Explorer passed fjord Upemaviks Usjord getting close to a glacier. In the photograph,a detail of the boat’s bow from the main mast while it navigates the ice produced by the glacier.


Greenland,July 2012.
Skipper Giancarlo Superti Furga during navigation between Greenland and the Canadian coast. The photograph depicts him steering Best Explorer, the first italian boat completing Northwest passage.


Between Upemavik and Tasiusaq,Greenland July 2012.
Boat Best Explorer navigating between icebergs north of Upernavik,900km inside the arctic cirle. It is the first italian boat to complete the northwest passage. Skipper Nanni Acquarone is the captain.


Between Upernavik and Tasiusaq,Greenland,July 2012.
A photograph of nautical charts on Best Explorer; navigating between icebergs on Greenland’s coast,north of Upemavik (900km inside the arctic cirle). It is the first italian boat to complete the northwest passage. Skipper Nanni Acquarone is the captain of the boat.


Greenland,July 2012.
The view in front of Best Explorer,anchored in Satup Akia island, before the Greenland-Canada crossing.


Greenland,July 2012.
Writer Pietro Grossi and Best Explorer’s crew member Salvatore Magri,work on July the mainsail while crossing Greenland and Canada.


Greenland,July 2012.
Heading north of Greenland’s coast from Tasiusaq towards Kraushavn,Best Explorer circumnavigated Kipako island which hosts an arctic bird colony object of study by a group of researchers.in the photograph,a group on an iceberg,close to small island.


Greenland,July 2012.
A detail of Kraushavn,the last town in north Greenland before crossing Baffin Strait and reaching Pond Inlef,Canada. This is the first part of the Northwest passage and Best Explorer will be the first italian boat to accomplish the expedition.


Upernavik,Greenland July 2012.
A tugboat trying to push lcebergs away at the entrance of Upemavik harbor. Every year about 15,000 icebergs detach from the land and especially during summer they can reach up to 40°northand south of latitude. Since their density is just slightly superior to that of water,generally they emerge from sea level only at 15% of their volume,about one-eight their total mass. The biggest icebergs can reach a surface of more than 30,000 sq. km (just to have an idea of the dimensions,the island of Sardinia has a surface of about 24,000 sq. km).In cold waters icebergs can last about four years,but in the temperature rises about 5℃ they can melt in a few days


Canada,July 2012.
Melting ice near Pond Inlet’ canal,reaching Canada’s coast in northern autonomous Nunavut territory.From 2007,ice regularly melts in the canal and other northern territories permitting crossing from the west (Northwest passage) north of Canada and Alaska as well as Bering Strait passage between US and Russia.