Kiev’s revolution
photo by Louisa Maria Gouliamaki (AFP)


Antigovernment protesters clash with police in Independence square,despite an earlier truce agreed between the Ukrainian president and opposition leaders on February 20,20 14 in Kiev, Ukraine. Early in 2014,violence flared between police and anti-government protesters, who called for the ouster of President Viktor Yanukovych over corruption and an abandoned trade agreement with the European Union.
Protesters clash with police after gaining new positions near the Independence square in Kiev on February 20, 2014. Hundreds of armed protesters charged police barricades Thursday on Kiev’s central Independence Square, despite a truce called just hours earlier by the country’s embattled president.


A protester hurls a molotov coctail towards police from the barricades at the Independence square in Kiev late on February 19, 2014. Protesters braced on for a fresh assault by riot police in central Kiev after a day of heavy clashes.

Protesters advance to new positions in Kiev after breaking police blockade on February 20,2014.


A protester looks from a monument at police passions in Kiev.


A protester throws a tyre to the fire, keeping police away in Kiev.


Protesters advance towards new positions in Kiev on February 20, 2014. Armed protesters stormed police barricades in Kiev on Thursday in renewed violence that killed some 100 people and shattered an hours-old truce as EU envoys held crisis talks with Ukraine’s embattled president.


Protesters advance by burring vehicles after gaining new positions in Kiev, Ukraine.


A protester shelters behind a shield during clashes and gun shots in central Kiev.


Paramedics and volunteers evacuate a wounded protester during heavy clashes in central Kiev.


Protesters carry a body of a protester during clashes in central Kiev.


‘Self-defense’ units sing the national anthem in memory to killed protesters at a barricade in central Kiev.


A mother mourns over a body of her son killed during the clashes in Kiev, Ukraine.


A funeral procession of a protester killed during the February 20 clashes passes a barricade in central Kiev.


Protesters boots are left on a makeshift memorial at the Independence square in central Kiev on February 28,2 014.