Conflict, Healing and Resilience in Gaza
photo by Heidi Levine / Sipa Press

Palestinian woman HIdya Atrash overlooks the destruction in Gaza City’s neighborhood of Shujayea at dawn Aug. 8, 2014. The family had fled early on during the war to a UN school after an Israeli warning rocket hit their home and returned to find that their house was heavily damaged from the fighting . As Rockets fired by Palestinian militants hit Israel and Israel resumed its air strikes, the brief cease fire broke down and the family was forced to flee again.
Shujayea,Gaza Strip

Palestinian men run with a white flag in the Shejaia neighborhood, which was heavily shelled by Israel during fighting, in Gaza City July 20, 2014. At least 50 Palestinians were killed on Sunday by Israeli shelling in the eastern area of Gaza City and thousands fled for shelter while bodies were unable to be recovered for hours until a brief cease fire was implemented.
Shejaia ,Gaza Strip

Sheik Adnan Raed ,center, as he performs the Muslim ritual of washing the body of a Palestinian man who was killed by an Israeli air strike on a cafe along the beach in Khan Younis over night at the morgue at the hospital in Khan Younis Thursday, July 10, 2014. Raed says that most of the bodies he has seen during the war are so severely burned and cut from the explosions that have caused their deaths that he has only been able to perform the purifying ritual on just a few as it is not permitted to do so if the body has been burned or cut according to the Islamic ritual.
Khan Younis

Rawya abu Jom””a, 17, at the Shifa Hospital in Gaza City July 22,2014. Rawya was wounded when two Israeli air strikes attacked her family’s apartment on Sunday night . Three of her cousins and her sister were killed in the attack . She is suffering from shrapnel in her face, her legs have perforated holes in them and her bones were crushed in her right hand.
Gaza City,Gaza Strip

Palestinian Mousa Sweidan,50, walks in one of the rooms of his father’s damaged home in the Sha’af neighborhood of Gaza City , Gaza August 15,2014 . The family of 15 people fled from their home when Israeli tanks entered the neighborhood and took shelter in a UN school.
Gaza City,Gaza Strip

Netream Netzleam holds the body of her baby daughter Razel, 1, who medics said died on Friday from injuries sustained in an Israeli air strike on Thursday afternoon, as her tiny body was brought to her mother to bid farewell before her burial in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip July 18, 2014. Israel stepped up its ground offensive in Gaza early on Friday pounding targets with artillery fire and using tanks and infantry to battle Hamas fighters.
Rafa,Gaza Strip

Family members mourn during the funeral of the Palestinian boys who were killed by an Israeli naval bombardment at the port in Gaza City during their funeral in Gaza City, 16 July 2014. The boys died on the spot during the attack and a fifth boy died shortly afterwards in hospital. Israel stepped up its attacks on 16 July by bombing the homes of Hamas leaders after the Islamist movement rejected a truce proposal and instead launched dozens more rockets into Israel.
Gaza City,Gaza Strip

Palestinians collect Muslim religious books in the rubble of the Al-Qassam mosque in the Nuseirat camp in the middle of the Gaza Strip August 9,2014.
Nuseirat camp,Gaza Strip

Family members pray in the mosque in Sajeria , Gaza by the bodies of Amir,15, Mustafa Arief during their funeral in Sajeria ,Gaza July 9,2014. The brothers were killed together near their home allegedly by an Israeli drone in the Sajeria neighborhood on the eastern outskirts of Gaza City, Gaza.
Gaza City,Gaza Strip

Palestinian bride Anaan El Harazen ,24, sits in the damaged salon of her family’s home as she waits to pose for pictures with family members before her groom comes to take her away for their wedding in the Shijaiyah neighborhood of eastern Gaza City November 4,2014. The family’s home was severely damaged during last summer’s war between Israel and the Hama-controlled Gaza Strip.
Shijaiyah neighborhood,Gaza City.

A beam of light shines through the home of Palestinian woman Ramba Kafanah as she stands breastfeeding her new born baby in the kitchen of her damaged home in the early morning as she breastfed her newborn baby in Beit Hanoun, Gaza on October 30,2014. Her home was heavily damaged during the recent 50 day war between Israel and the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip but still lives with her family in the home.
Shijaiyah neighborhood,Gaza City

In this portrait Nabil Siyam,34, who lost his arm and sustained other injuries stands with his only surviving child, his son Badruddin, 5 at their home in Rafa, Gaza December 29,2014 as the pose without their shirts on to show the extent of their injuries.

Nabil and his son were injured when an Israeli bomb exploded outside there home on July 21 during last summer’s war . The explosion killed Nabil’s wife Shireen and 4 of his children . The attack also claimed the lives of his two brothers and their wives and three of their children who were all staying at the house . Badruddin lost a kidney. Rafa,Gaza Strip

Injured Palestinian three year-old Sharif al-Namlah,is dressed by his grandfather, also named Sharif, after his bath at his home in Rafa, Gaza, January 21,2015. The lower part of his left leg was blown off when Israeli rockets hit the family during last summer’s war between Israel and the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. His mother Asraah lost both of her legs and his father Wael lost one leg .The incident happened on August 1,2014 ,one of the darkest days during the war that has been named ‘Black Friday’ when 130-150 Palestinians were killed in the Rafa area of southern Gaza during a breakdown of a cease fire agreement during a tunnel incident between Hamas and Israeli troops.

The family was fleeing on foot when they were attacked as they tried to reach a safer area after Israeli artillery fire hit nearby their home. His father’s 11-year old sister , brother and his wife were killed.

Palestinian woman Zahar Khafanah with her children as she blows on a tiny fire as she prepares to cook in her her destroyed home during a fog storm over the Gaza Strip and Israel, January 25,2015. Despite the damage , the family claims that they have no other option but to stay in their home despite the damages from the 51-day war between Israel and the Hamas -controlled Gaza Strip.
Beit Hanoun ,Gaza Strip