Dirty Tourism
photo by David Rengel(AnHua)


A group of Japanese tourists arrive with his guide to garbage dump of Anlong Pi. The tourist guides have offered them to visit the garbage dump where working adults and children in extreme poverty to take pictures with the children, as part of the attractions of the trip. Siem Reap-Cambodia.


A truckload of GAEA company , company in charge of landfill Anlong Pi,
arrives at the landfill full of garbage from Siem Reap. From dawn to dusk,
for a minimum of 12 hours per day, people working in the landfill,
children and adults scavenge through the tons of waste, looking recyclable
materials or any items with value, they can be sold like plastic, paper,
copper, glass, etc. and make some money.


Sau Srey Neang 11 years old. She wears half a year without knowing anything about her father, he went to work to Thailand. She knows that her family needs help but wants to continue studying to be a teacher. This is her first year working in the landfill. Siem Reap-Cambodia.


A Japanese tourist covered with a mask to avoid breathing the smell and any virus or gas. She takes photos of children working in the garbage dump of Anlong Pi as part of her holiday. Siem Reap-Cambodia.


Viku Tupse 9 years old. Among the trash found a broken face of Mickey, he knows that this will make grace to tourists and puts it on the head. He does not understand why tourists visit the landfill where he works. He takes two years living in the landfill. Siem Reap-Cambodia.


Lia Neang 14 years old. She began working with 10 years in the garbage dump. She could not continue studying because She had no money to pay for books and extra lessons. She does not like the job but she is forced because her family need the money to live. Siem Reap-Cambodia.


A japanese tourist is portrayed by his fellows hiking with children that working in Anlong Pi. Tourists take pictures and give candy to children. Japanese tourist belongs to a group of medical students who are on vacation and have come to the garbage dump with a tour visit. Siem Reap-Cambodia.


Hael Kemra is 15 years old. In the future she wants to be an English teacher. She began working at the dump with 10 years. Her mother was who took her to the garbage dump to earn money when her father abandoned them. Siem Reap-Cambodia.


While Sueun Chany 12 years old carries large bags of trash, a tourist wait to take pictures of children alongside their peers who have arrived in Tuk-Tuk to the garbage dump. Foreign tourists visit as part of their holidays the garbage dump of Anlong Pi. Siem Reap -Cambodia.


Kon Mai 15 years old, atop a mountain of garbage from where he looks defiant to tourists. He had to leave school. At home there are problems of domestic violence and he wants to leave as soon as possible, in the future he would like to work in construction. Siem Reap-Cambodia.


A group of tourists disturb children that working in the garbage dump of Anlong Pi while the children are resting. The tourists make pictures the children with their cameras and phones.They visit this landfill is part of your holiday in Cambodia. Siem Reap-Cambodia.


Meas Chan 10 years looks for recyclable materials inside the garbage dump. He walks behind a bulldozer, it is driving by his father, while his younger brother looks at him. About 50 children under age are working in the garbage dump according to data known. Siem Reap-Cambodia.

Hael Kemra 15 years old grabs the green sack that serves to collect recyclable waste. Over the years working in the dump her hands have left to be those of a girl. Her mother tooks her to the garbage dump to earn money when his father abandoned them. Siem Reap-Cambodia.


A group of tourists leave on the bus that brought them to the garbage dump of Anlong Pi. They continue taking pictures and they say goodbye to the children and residents of the garbage dump, for these tourists it is part of their holiday. Siem Reap-Cambodia.

Sigen Rathy 12 years, returns to work while she sees as the tourists leave the landfill after finish their tourist walk. Her parents also work in the landfill. She started with 11 years to work. She earns about 4000 rieles daily, something less than 1 dollar per day. Siem Reap- Cambodia.