Dear Journalists, Media Outlets, and Organizers of Photo Festivals & Contests around the world,


DAYS JAPAN is a monthly photojournalism magazine published in Japan and was first launched on March 20, 2004. March 2011 will mark the 7th anniversary of the magazine, and we are currently preparing to introduce a digital version called “DAYS INTERNATIONAL“. We are sending this email to ask for your cooperation and any help you might be able to provide on getting the word out about the new online magazine. If you know anyone who might be interested, please feel free to forward this email, and thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Photojournalism and journalism in general are currently in crisis. The spread of the Internet with free and open access to information was first welcomed as a potentially powerful ally for journalism, but efforts to control access to information as well as cyber attacks against news sources relaying inconvenient truths continue to occur.

In addition, the free side of the Internet makes it difficult for journalists to secure funding for their reporting and makes media-related copyright issues more vague than in the past. This has had an adverse impact on the efforts of journalists. Aside from coverage funded by larger media outlets with resources at their disposal, journalism is becoming more and more difficult to carry out, resulting in fewer opportunities to provide people with a view of what is happening in their world. DAYS INTERNATIONAL seeks to address some of that problem.
2. Participating with DAYS INTERNATIONAL
If you would like to contribute your work, please send small versions of your photos with a caption to our email address ( ) or full-sized versions on CD to our mail address (see the attached PDF). If your submission is accepted and selected for publishing, we will contact you with an offer that includes the number of photos we would like to use and a rate for the photos. The theme for photos we intend to publish is "Honoring the dignity of people and the majesty of nature, or denouncing that which seeks to harm them."
DAYS INTERNATIONAL will be published in English and Japanese, but we also seek to publish versions in other languages. Currently, efforts are underway with photojournalist groups to produce Burmese versions. We are currently in contact with representatives from Poland, South Korea and France regarding their interest in cooperating with and participating in DAYS INTERNATIONAL.
Regional editorial departments for DAYS INTERNATIONAL should be contacted through DAYS JAPAN. (Details are included in the attached PDF file)
If you would also be interested in helping with DAYS INTERNATIONAL regional editorial departments, please feel free to contact us (, and we will let you know how you can join.
4. How to subscribe to DAYS INTERNATIONAL?
DAYS INTERNATIONAL is financially supported through an annual subscription fee paid by subscribers (20 US dollars a year), donations by supporters, and ad sponsorship. We seek subscribers, donators, and sponsors from around the world and would appreciate any help you could provide with spreading the word about the new digital publication through your media outlet.
DAYS JAPAN / DAYS INTERNATIONAL holds a DAYS INTERNATIONAL PHOTOJOUNALISM CONTEST every year, sponsored by Japanese camera makers such as Nikon,Canon and SIGMA,as well as corporations and NPOs. If you would like further information, please visit our homepage at
January 15th, 2011 is the deadline for submissions to the 7th Annual DAYS INTERNATIONAL PHOTOJOUNALISM CONTEST.



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