Submission Requirements

Works Photographs asserting that the dignity of human beings and nature are being trampled upon, and photographs advocating the dignity of humans and nature.
Participants Any photographer may apply, regardless of age, occupation, gender or nationality.
Submission Deadline January 15, 2016
Entry fee free
How to apply Web Entry or Mail-in Entry
Method of Judging The editorial department of DAYS JAPAN will conduct the first jury. Selected candidates will be eligible for final jury for prizes. Participants of the DAYS JAPAN anniversary event in March 2016 will then select Public Prizes among those works chosen for final jury.
Award Winners Winners will be announced in March 2016, with the works to appear in DAYS JAPAN magazine and on its website. Exhibitions will be held in major cities in Japan to publicly display the awarded works.

First Prize: One (1) person
Trophy and Supplementary Prize (cash prize of 1 million Yen and a digital camera and lens were awarded in 2015)

Second Prize: Two (2) persons
Trophy and Supplementary Prize (cash prize of 300,000 Yen, digital cameras and lens were awarded in 2015)

Third Prize: Three (3) persons
Trophy and Supplementary Prize (cash prize of 100,000 Yen, compact digital camera digital camera and so on were awarded in 2015)

Special Prize by Jury: Eleven (11) persons
Trophy and Supplementary Prize (cash prize of 100,000 Yen, digital camera lens, SD memory cards ,pen tables and so on were awarded in 2015)

Public Prize: Four (4) persons
Trophy and Supplementary Prize (cash prize of 50,000 Yen RAW developing software and soon were awarded in 2015 )

Final Selection
Jury Members (in 2016)
John G. MORRIS (Photo Editor of LIFE, MAGNUM etc.)
Jean-François Leroy (Director and Founder of VISA)
Renée C. BYER (Photojournalist)
Yoshino OISHI (Photojournalist)
Kayoko IKEDA (Writer/translator)
Tsuneo ENARI(Photographer)
Shigenori KANEHIRA(Journalist)
Yoji YAMADA (Film Director)
Tokiko KATO (Singer)
Ryuichi HIROKAWA (Photojournalist/founder of DAYS JAPAN)

Contest Conditions
Application Rules Photographs must have been taken in the two-year period between January 2014 and December 2015. Submitted works may be photo essay up to 15. Please make sure that all works include a short biography (about 100 words) of the photographer and that the application form includes: title of work; captions (maximum 50 words per caption); location; date of shooting; along with the photographer’s name, address, e-mail address and telephone number.
Please submit the photographs in digital files or prints.
Judging Criteria Works will be judged as a whole set, regardless of submission as photo essay.
Number of Photos Participants can submit under multiple themes as long as the total number of photos is a maximum 15 per entrant. Entries will automatically be invalidated if the number of photos exceeds 15 per entrant.
Digital Data Requirements Please submit the photographs in digital files or prints. If you submit in digital files, please no retouching, compositing or other alterations (except for dodging, burning in and cropping) is allowed. File data should be numbered serially. Numbering of a series of photographs should be 1-1 as number 1 of series 1, and 1-2 as number 2 of series 1, 2-1 as number 1 of series 2, and 2-2 as number 2 of series 2, etc.).
If you Mail-in your submission , file data should be copied onto one CD-ROM or USB memory stick per entrant. Please be sure to write the full name of the applicant on the CD surface.

  • File type: JPEG only (Mac users should have the .jpg extension on all data)
  • Maximum 3MB
  • File mode: RGB or grey scale
Print Dimensions The minimum print size is 20 cm. x 25 cm. (8 in. x 10 in.) and maximum is 30 cm. x 40 cm. (12 in. x 16 in.). Prints, digital files and duplicated color transparencies will be accepted. Both color and black & white will be accepted. Original color transparencies and negatives are not acceptable. Photographs pasted onto panels will not be accepted.
Authority Works will not be returned. DAYS JAPAN reserves the right to exhibit the winning works at a photo exhibition and in brochures and flyers relating to this award. This condition is also valid to the digital edition, DAYS International.
Presented by   DAYS JAPAN
Sponsored by (in 2016)   Aureo Co., Ltd., Yamada Bee Farm, Nikon Imaging Japan Inc., The Hirokawa No-Nukes/Peace Photography Exhibit Committee, Catalog House Co., Ltd., SIGMA Corporation, Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc., Peace Boat, Canon Marketing Japan Inc., FUJIFILM Corporation, Super Planning Co., Ltd., Wacom Co.,Ltd. Ichikawa soft laboratory Co., Ltd. Getty Images Japan, San Disk Co., Ltd., Velbon Co., Ltd., Aflo Co., Ltd., VANGUARD MontBell Co., Ltd. Carl Zeiss Co.,Ltd.
Supported from (in 2016)   Japan Professional Photographers Society, Photographic Society of Japan, The Asahi Shimbun Company, The Yomiuri Shimbun Company, Ken Domon Museum of Photography, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
In cooperation with (in 2016)   Horiuchi Color Ltd.,
Yamanote Photographic Co., Ltd.,
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