Winners' names

First Prize

trophy, 1 million yen(about 9,000 US dollars),
extra prize: Nikon digital camera and Agfa vest.

Prakash SINGH(india)/Tsunami in India

Second Prize

trophy, 300,000 yen,
extra prize: Canon digital camera and Agfa vest.

Q.SAKAMAKI(Japan)/The Liberian War

Thirs Prize

trophy, 100,000 yen

Nina BERMAN(USA)/Wounded US Troops Back From Iraq

extra prize: Konica Minolta digital camera and Agfa vest.

Guang LU(China)/Drug Addict in China

extra prize:Kodak film (100 films) and Agfa vest.

Evelyn HOCKSTEIN(USA)/Sudanese Refugees/Raped Women

extra prize:Fuji film(100 films) and Agfa vest.
A¤ Women's Documentary Award

trophy, 300,000 yen
extra prize: AgfaA@jumper

Tsukasa YAJIMA(Japan)/Sexual Slavery by Japanese Military

A¤ Japan Domestic Documentary Award

trophy, 300,000 yen
extra prize: Agfa vest.

Seungwoo YANG(Korea)/Kotobukicho- Day Laborers’ Town

A¤ DAYS Special Prize by Juries

trophy, 100,000 yen
extra prize: Nippon-camera light box and Agfa vest.

Gary KNIGHT(UK)/Iraq


Patrick BROWN(Australia)/Poachers


Mizue FURUI(Japan)/Women in Palestine

extra prize: "Nippon-camera"magazine for one year

Hironori WATANABE(Japan)/Polar Bears in a dumping ground

A¤ DAYS JAPAN Reader's Award

trophy, 50,000 yen.

Tomas MUNITA(Chile)/Himalaya

Noriyuki AIDA(Japan)/ Street children in Iraq

Marcus BLEASDALE(UK/Irish)/Goldmine in Congo

*All of winners will be awarded "DAYS JAPAN"magazine for one year and DAYS JAPAN member’s badge.
*Jury members Philip Jones Griffiths(photojournalist,former president of Magnum), Tetsuya Chikushi(newscaster), Kayoko Ikeda(translator), Yoshino Oishi(photojournalist), Keisuke Kumakiri(photographer),Tsuneo Enari(photographer) and Ryuichi Hirokawa(Editor-in-Chief of DAYS JAPAN)
*With support by The Japan Photographer Association and The Japan Photography Association
*Further assistance by Nikon Photo Production Inc., Konica Minolta Photo Imaging Inc.,Canon Sales Co., Inc., FUJIFILM Imaging co.,ltd.,Eastman Kodak Company,Aureo Co., Ltd., The No-Nukes/Peace Photography Exhibit Committee,catalog house, Peace Boat, Nippon-camera Co.,ltd.,JAPAN AgfaPhoto Japan Ltd.
*And cooperation from Horiuchi Color Ltd., Yamanote photo create, Create Photo Taka

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